Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: 

from Southern-Eastern to Northern-Western ports


Cagliari, June 5, 2015 – Optimed Project will participate in the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) in Barcelona, June 9th to 10th: "An ideal opportunity to discuss with international operators and to promote Optimed project" - says the Councillor for Transport of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Mr. Massimo Deiana. The project proposes a new network scheme for the maritime trade between the northern-western and the southern-eastern shores of the Mediterranean "that would identify Sardinia, and in particular the port of Porto Torres, as the centre of important commercial relations across the basin" continues the Councillor. The initiative is funded by the European cross-border cooperation, ENPI CBC Med Programme. The Autonomous Region of Sardinia - Department of Transport - is the applicant and beneficiary.

Meetings with logistics Enterprises. At the Spanish meeting - the most important international showcase in the logistics sector - the "Business to Business" (B2B) meetings will start, involving several companies specialized in the freight handling sector by sea, in order to develop new business relationships based on the opportunities of the new optimised maritime trade network. The partners involved in this event – Autonomous Region of Sardinia, University of Cagliari (Inter-Academic Centre for Economic Research and Mobility of the University of Cagliari, CIREM), the Port Authority of Northern Sardinia, and the Union of Commerce Chambers of the Mediterranean (ASCAME) - have set up a dedicated exhibition space to illustrate the first, important results. Two specific workshops will also be organized, preceding the bilateral meetings between operators, and the project will also be presented at the international conference “Meda Ports Summit“ scheduled the 10th of June. The European School of "Short sea shipping" of Barcelona and the Chamber of Commerce of Beirut will also be involved in the implementation of the Optimed project.

Wider economic cooperation relationships. "We will meet the main actors involved in the transport of goods in the Mediterranean - says the Optimed project manager Gabriella Massidda - with them, we will try to refine the strategy that envisages a central role for the Island in the management of trade flows and evaluate the feedback coming from the market. "The strategic proposal also aims to promote wider economic cooperation relationships between the Countries of the North-Western Latin arc - Spain France and Italy, and the ones from the South Eastern area - Lebanon, Egypt , Jordan and Syria, in agreement with the objectives of the European program.

Optimed provides a new network design, based on the identification of two hub ports, Porto Torres and Beirut, strategically located in a central position with respect to the main seaways between the eastern and western sides of the Mediterranean. It is under development an advanced information system that will allow operators to simulate scheduled services based on the new network scheme. The platform will identify the best transport option and assess the effective increase of efficiency. Parameters of high productivity of freight handling, integrated with the connection services, are the objectives of the preliminary design under completion for port the terminals involved in the Island and in Lebanon.

The OPTIMED project total budget is € 1.999.403 and it is financed, for an amount of € 1.799.462 (90 %), by the European Union (ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme) through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.


Download the SIL 2015 program and the OPTIMED at SIL 2015 leaflet.


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