Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: 

from Southern-Eastern to Northern-Western ports


Taking advantage of the participation in the International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition – SIL, all the partners met for the 4th Optimed project Steering Committee Meeting, held in Barcelona on 11th June 2015 and hosted by the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME).

The partners discussed the state of play of project activities: the progress of the design of the new hub-based network system and the one of the new hub-based port facilities; the design and test of the virtual logistics platform; the results of the first edition of the training on Short Sea Shipping; the signature of a MoU “Short Sea Shipping Euro-Mediterranean Network”.

Mr. Salvatore D’Alfonso, Senior Project Manager of the Transport and Urban Development Division of the UfM Secretariat, also participated in this meeting in order to show the support of the UfM to the OPTIMED initiative. He highlighted and appreciated the innovative and systemic structure of the OPTIMED project and its perfect consistency with the program that the UfM Secretariat is launching on the Motorways of the Sea with the aim to re-equilibrate the maritime flows in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean. In this regard, it was analyzed the possibility that the project could be part of the “UfM MoS Program” and could contribute to the development of the “Trans-Mediterranean Transport Network" (TMN-T).

Virtual logistics platform

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