Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: 

from Southern-Eastern to Northern-Western ports

Taking stock of the progress on the preliminary design of the port’s new layout: that was the goal of the visit to Porto Torres, last week, of the 3 Sardinia's Optimed project partners (the Autonomous Region of Sardinia - RAS, the University of Cagliari - CIREM and the Port Authority of Olbia and Golfo Aranci). The meeting has been organised to verify the actual feasibility of the planned interventions, taking into account that the new layout is conceived in order to equip and organize the infrastructure so as to meet OPTIMED project objectives.

Furthermore, the partners involved the Industrial Consortium of Sassari Province (the public authority responsible to manage the industrial site of Porto Torres) and organized a thorough inspection on the areas behind the industrial port. The participants assessed the port regulatory plan, the current organization of the area and the development directions, in order to identify which side of the industrial port is better suited for RO-RO operations (Roll-on/roll-off), the shipping system promoted by OPTIMED project.

The technical meeting strengthened the cooperation with all the involved bodies, laying the foundations for the actual feasibility of the actions planned within the project. The opinion given by the General Director of the Consortium is an expression of the agreement on the intentions and on the perspectives created by the project: “We definitely agree on the far-reaching opportunity given by this ambitious project, which would be able to capitalise and give value to the enterprises based on the industrial area and definitely contribute to the economic growth of the territory”

The main objective of the OPTIMED project is the optimization of trade in the Mediterranean Sea Basin through the improvement of commercial connections between public and private operators in maritime transport and logistics sector. In order to achieve this goal, the seven organizations part of the project will develop new tools such as a virtual logistics platform, organize business meetings among operators of the Euro-Mediterranean area and promote short sea shipping.

Virtual logistics platform

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