Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: 

from Southern-Eastern to Northern-Western ports

On February 27th and 28nd was held in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy), the Kick-off meeting of the OPTIMED project, hosted by the lead partner, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia. 

The first project meeting was the occasion for the representatives of each partner involved in the project to briefly introduce themselves, to describe their professional activities and their role and commitment with regards to the OPTIMED project.

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia presented the project objectives, the expected results, the roles and responsibilities of each project partner, and gave an overview of the action plan, the document illustrating the timeframe of the scheduled project activities. 

During the meeting the partners illustrated the expected results, the activities, the outputs and the timeframe of the different work packages in which the project is organized, and in particular: PP1 CIREM presented WP 4 related to the “Design of new hub-based network system”, WP 5 about the “Preliminary design of new hub-based port facilities, and WP 6 regarding the “Design and test of the information system for virtual logistic platform”; PP3 ASCAME introduced WP 7 “Business to Business meetings between economic operators; Sardinia Region and the Joint Management Authority (JMA) of the ENPI CBC Med Programme, introduced WP 2 and “Communication and visibility requirements”; P5 CCIA-BML introduced WP 3 “Capitalisation of the results”. Finally, the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) of the ENPI CBC Med Programme, described the administrative and financial procedures, giving details about financial planning and management, contractual obligations, contract modifications, procurement procedures, monitoring control systems, understanding eligible costs and expenditure verification.

The meeting concluded with the discussion about the upcoming activities, identifying the actions to catch up and the deadlines for each attended results, to be considered as a strong commitment to be kept by all the partners of the project.

Virtual logistics platform

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