Rationalising Mediterranean Sea Ways: 

from Southern-Eastern to Northern-Western ports

Design of an alternative hub-based network system through the creation and analysis of a data base containing information about the origin and destination of goods for each port in the geographical areas examined.

Preliminary design of new hub-based port facilities of Porto Torres (Italy) and Beirut (Lebanon), planned in order to improve their performance as RO-RO hubs in the framework of the freight shipping network.

Design, development, implementation and testing of a virtual platform, an information system specifically designed to support the new optimized maritime trade network.

Implementation of “Business to Business” meetings between economic operators in France, Italy, Spain and Lebanon, to develop new business relationships based on the opportunities of the new optimised maritime trade network.

Capitalisation of the results. Maximize the diffusion of project results and instruments at national and Euro-Mediterranean level (training and information sessions targeted to public and private organization operating in maritime transport and logistics sectors interested on short sea shipping; participation at the annual international event SIL - International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition Barcelona 2015).

Communication and dissemination activities, aiming to create visibility through the selected media in the involved countries and at Mediterranean level.

Virtual logistics platform

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